Automation Rangers, Inc.

A Note from the President:

Our goal is to help you make safety a profit center, but it is the relationship we value most.  The more profit we enable, the more opportunity for a relationship.

We work with global manufacturers with many locations and just as often, small to medium manufacturers who have one location.  Often, the larger companies finance the solutions we share with the small to medium sized companies.

Our goal is to get in and get out, leaving the necessary solution in place, be it safety product, risk assessment or innovative solution.  In every case we use the Standards as guidelines.  

In all cases you will receive respect and courteous treatment at all times.  

Thank You for your interest.  

Kind Regards,

Dan Junker, CMSE®
President and Chief Ranger






We listen, collaborate, improve and learn and in the process, build a relationship based on respect and innovation that stands the test of time.