Innovation Opportunity and Responsibility: Dan Junker, CMSE®, President and CEO of Automation Rangers.

Most Consulting Firms do not champion their own innovation.  Normally Engineering Firms aren’t set up to champion or market their own innovations.  I believe this leaves many intellectual property solutions off the market.  I don’t think that serves the markets best interests.  Automation Rangers often takes experience and makes it a product.  Some times we sell this solution and other times we offer it to the market place as our donation to a better world in the form of a White Paper.

Experience is critical to any innovation, but as important if not more so is the ability to collaborate and bring resources together, working as a team, to solve the problems that face us in reducing risk to an acceptable level.

It is our goal with Safety Innovation to fill technology gaps and to give the customer an opportunity that may not have existed in the past.  In all cases these solutions must comply with the Standards we are sworn to uphold.  As always, we seek the highest ethical ground in every case because our reputation is our most important asset.

We gladly face the Risk associated with this approach on behalf of our customers.  If there ever any doubts about our actions or intentions, please feel free to call me directly at (513) 371-9494.  Thank You for your interest.


We listen, collaborate, improve and learn and in the process, build a relationship based on respect and innovation that stands the test of time.

Cableless Control can now be applied to new and existing equipment.  

This technology offers many advantages for automation that aren’t possible with a “Hard Wired” design.  (“cableless” is the term used in the ANSI, NFPA and RIA Standards for wireless reliable control.)

Mobile Stations with Safety built in, Safe I/O, Safe Pendants, Enabling Pendants, E-Stop Pendants, Docking Stations, Cableless Safe Systems.

Compliant with EN 13849-1 at PLd, Category 3.

Safety Center is dedicated to making safety a profit center through task-based risk assessment, collaboration, integration and flexibility.  There is no risk assessment solution better suited to manage machine and /or process risk than Safety Center.

Robot Systems interface with production in many ways.  Forklift loading and unloading systems, where the forklift operator does not have to leave the forklift, are available due to work we did with HBC Radiomatic for Toyota and Fanuc on different applications.  There are many options to this application and we would welcome any discussion regarding this type of system.

Automation Rangers Crane Safety per ANSI or ISO Standards using TuV Nord CMSE personnel for true Validated crane safety.

Ask about our Primary Danger Zone Warning/Safety System.

Forklift safe control, as mentioned above, has been a focus of our efforts and one of the results of that focus is a system that will regulate the speed of a forklift as it passes through a work area or traffic intersection.  This system is very robust and does not require “line of sight”.

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