Machine, Robot, Material Handling Risk Assessments

Safety Center, Inc. – Globally Harmonized, Multi-site, Task-Based Risk Assessment software.  Per RIA, ANSI / ISO and CSA Standards. -  RIA TR R15.306-2016 & CSA Z434-14 – ANSI B11.0-2015/ISO 12100

NEW! Crane Safety Center software - just released.

Safety Center delivers on ROI and Makes Safety a Profit Center.

Our team of professionals have some of the highest credentials in the business.  

Backgrounds in many Automation technologies including Stamping, Plastics, Material Handling, Process, Cranes and much more.

Adrek USA, LLC – Software Development, Troubleshooting

From Apps to Enterprise, we find your profit and ROI.
Information Management
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Custom Software Development
Sharepoint, Search Engines, Learning and much more.

Divelbiss – Machine to Machine communications, IoT end to end solutions, PLCs, HMIs, Imbedded electronics and custom product design and improvement. ROI driven.

Cableless Control Systems – Radio control pendants and safe point to point cableless control and Ethernet.  ISO EN 13849-1, Pld.  

 Safe Crane Control / Consulting and Design assistance.

 Forklift Station control.

 Personal Wireless E-Stops.

 Enabling pendants (robot secondary enable).

 Industrial Internet of Things…bringing ROI to networks.

 Mobile or Remote Control Stations.

Staco Energy – Variable Transformers & Power Testing Systems, Regulation and Power Conditioning.  Electrical Test Sets up to 1000vac, 4000 amps and 3500kva for precise evaluation of product performance at undervoltage, overvoltage, etc.

Safety Consultant, Trainer, Program Development - Machine, Robot, Material Handling and Process Safety.

Building a Safety Profit Center.
Machine Import/Export Validation - CE, ANSI, ISO, CSA.

Standards Training and Practical Applications.
Functional Safety Training.
Product Training – Safety Devices, Controls and Actuators.
Evaluation of Safety Specifications.

Why we Represent Products and Solutions: Dan Junker, President and CEO of Automation Rangers.

Most Consulting Firms do not champion a product offering.  There are reasons for this - the need for objectivity and an unbiased approach to giving the customer the best solution.  I believe this leaves many intellectual property solutions off the market.  Automation Rangers often takes experience and makes it a product.  We offer this as a service to our clients.  This benefits the safety community as well as Automation Rangers and our clients.

In the case of Automation Rangers Product Offering, we will always be looking out for the best interests of the customer.  We encourage competition, because competition breeds and proves excellence AND it gives flexibility.  Ideally, there should be 2 choices for every application.  We will always compete with honor.

It is our goal with this offering to fill technology gaps and to give the customer an opportunity that may not have existed in the past.  We seek the highest ethical ground in every case because our reputation is our most important asset.

There is risk to this approach.  We gladly face this Risk on behalf of our customers and the manufacturing safety environment.  If there are ever any doubts about our actions or intentions, please feel free to call me directly at (513) 371-9494.

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Safety Innovation Labs

Safety Innovation Labs purpose
is to help customers with their safety integration needs.

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