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Compliance audits have long been the path to a safe factory floor and they are still valuable for an overall picture of what EHS will be up against in bringing their factory up to present day Standards.

Standards now require a task-based risk assessment for all machines/processes in a factory.  Automation Rangers benefits from working on Standards committees as well as with Safety Center’s Task-based Risk Assessment software solution.  

Task-based risk assessments methods can be delivered based on the following Standards:

RIA TR R15.306-2016                      CSA Z434-14                HRN Calculations

ANSI B11.0-2015                              ISO 12100-2010

There are many other risk assessment solutions available, but these are the most current and widely recognized.  They incorporate and reference the latest Standards available and so address the mandate to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Consulting is based on the needs of the customer.  We are here to serve.  Our resources are deep, methods based and firmly established from many years of giving and receiving the highest level of training available.

All of what we do contributes to making safety a profit center.

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